MVP Award

I started blogging about Kinect, after one year of fooling around with kinect since Beta v2 and a Kinect for Xbox sensor, to share my pitfalls, updates etc. and this evolved into as much sharing as I could.
In the past I mentored students, lectored at MIC Vlaanderen, gave my first sessions in the community etc. to help people in their Kinect adventure and I’m not thinking about stopping.

My goal is to keep assisting people in thinking about Kinect scenarios, tell people what the sensor is capable of, teach people how to use it or help thinking of the best solution.

On the 1st of January 2014, after more than two years of Kinecting, I received an email that I have been granted the Microsoft ‘Most Valuable Professional’ (MVP) award for my contributions to the community in Belgium & beyond. I feel truely honored to serve next to the other MVPs!.

This award is a big motivation and keeps be going and do my best to assist you in your Kinect quest.


MVP Award

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  1. Pieter Vandenheede says:

    Congratulations Tom!

  2. LeelaPavanKumar says:


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