Kinect for Windows Developer Kit – The journey continues…

This week I received a very nice gift – My Kinect for Windows developer kit!

You may have already seen a lot of blog posts on unboxing the sensor, etc. but I won’t be blogging the same. At first my focus was creating 101 tutorials but since everyone is doing this my plans are going into another direction.
The new sensor opens a new era for Kinect and this made me see some posibilities that you might hear from in the future.

Note - By receiving the dev kit my blog series on Kinecting AR drone is put on hold but part I is already available here.

Kinect v2

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4 Responses to Kinect for Windows Developer Kit – The journey continues…

  1. NatureTM says:

    Cool! Have you tested if Kinect Fusion works with the new sensor? I know other ToF sensors can’t do accurate reconstruction, and I’m really curious to know if Microsoft solved the problem. Thanks!

  2. CuriousTinker says:

    What are the system requirements for V2? I’m working on building a PC or buying a laptop, and wondered if you have an idea what ram, processor, video card level is needed to play with the new kinect.

    • Tom_Kerkhove says:

      Depends on why you are building it? If you are in the developer program you should receive an e-mail with the specs that are required, if not I’d suggest to sit back and wait for the final specs!

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