Kinecting AR Drone Pt. 0 – Introduction

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What is AR Drone

Parrot is a company selling pretty high-tech products, no really, they even have a remote-controlled flower monitor.

One of their other products is the AR Drone remote-controlled quadricopter that comes with two different hulls, one for indoor and one for outdoor. This quadricoper is 450 mm (indoor) & 510 mm (outdoor) big and is equipted with a 720p HD camera in front of it.

AR Drone has a basic edition as well as a power edition with 3x of flying time!

Controlling your drone

A drone doesn’t ship with a remote because it is controlled by smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately Parrot only supports iOS & Android and that is the one and only reason why I haven’t bought one earlier. You can find an app overview here.

But as always, communities rock and there are several unofficial apps out there for example Tom Adams his Windows Phone 8 app and his Windows 8 app.

Thanks for helping me out Tom!

I want one!

If you want to join me in the quest to combine Kinect & AR Drone or just want one to play around with you can buy on here!


Drone for developers

As you can guess there is no official SDK for .net as well and developing one myself is a no-go for me since I don’t have that much time.

Luckily Ruslan Balanukhin was one of the kind coders that developed one for his fellow developers with his ARDrone repository on GitHub.
Just to be clear, there are other repositories out there but this one is up-to-date and Ruslan kicks ass with his support!

Running the GitHub sample

This repo also contains a sample containing all the supported features!

Now the SDK communicates by using the WiFi-receiver of the drone so make sure that you’re connected to that wireless network!

Enjoy exploring and see you soon to start coding!

Note – Make sure that you’re not on any other networks when running the sample!


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